8 Things only a broke person will understand

8 Things Only a Perennially Broke Person Will Understand

One look at the title of this article and the first thought that hits your head is, “Yes, we’ve all been there!”

College days are amazing, but the threat of exhausting your allowances before the month ends is also real. They make you feel like all your pockets had holes.

And it’s pretty common to go broke mid-month when you’re living the hip life. There are parties to attend and gifts to give, and all that ‘hanging out’ with friends eventually leaves you broke. Every single month!

Here are some very real instances that you will relate to if you think you used to be or are, perennially broke:

1. Empty fuel tank

Car at a fuel station

You roam around so much that even your fuel needle is tired to lift itself up. The most preferred position of your motorbike’s fuel indicator is the letter ‘E’.

2. “Udhaar khaata” at every shop

James Franco winking

Shopkeepers around your college and house have hopes from you. No, that wasn’t a compliment. All their hopes are only about one thing; someday you will pay off your udhaars and finally close your khaata.

3. Movies: Morning show > Any other show

Michael Jackson Thriller

Any movie, good or bad, today or tomorrow, you go only when you find a morning show for it; well, for obvious reasons.

4. The “How to Save Money” lecture becomes a regular

Listening intently

It seems like everyone you meet has tips to give on saving money and reducing expenses. Not just your parents, your friends also turn into boring lecturers who keep repeating themselves. And all you do is nod until they stop.

5. Homemade presents

Gifts for the wife

Why waste money on expensive gifts when God has given you Art?! You make a card, or do ‘jugaad’ to make a gift that you think your friend will like, and give it a ‘personalised touch’.

6. Your ‘No Shave November’ is a year long

Kill Bill volume 2 kung-fu master

Rough is the new sexy’ – is your excuse for people who tell you to get a haircut or your beard trimmed. All the money you save from not going to the salon easily last you for another week.

7. Gatecrash weddings

amir khan 3 idiots weddings

Indian weddings are the most convenient venues for free food when you are broke and want to have a fancy dinner. All you need to do is follow the wedding dress code and all is well.

8. Missed calls are your medium of communication

billions Damian Lewis

You know you’re a true gareeb when you start giving missed calls to people. In fact, you go a step further when the other person returns your call and you say something like; “Arre bhai, pata nahi kaise cut ho gaya?!”

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