Things you’ll understand when you’ve lived alone

8 Things You’d Know If You’ve Lived Alone At Least Once In Life

There’s no experience like it! The freedom and the “who cares” attitude that comes with living alone is just so liberating. No more nagging gharwale and no more irritating roommates. You finally have YOUR own kingdom.

Then again, it’s easier said than done. Living alone has it’s perks, but there are also those days when you’re low and wish there was someone to talk to. Someone to take care of the expenses, or just do the dishes! Here’s a list of things that you’ll totally relate to if you’ve ever lived alone.

1. Laundry? Whaaaaatt is that?

sleeping under clothes

Clothes are not demanding like your phone’s battery or your mobile recharge. They can go without a wash for days just like you can go without taking a bath for days! Just like you, they have absolutely no enthusiasm for a bath! The cardinal rule of washing clothes when you’re living alone is simple; wash your clothes when they start smelling like a dead fish.

2. ‘Homework’ that makes sense

do not like cleaning

It’s not school, so your homework is literally doing houshold work. Be it cooking, cleaning or washing, living alone will teach you what you actually need to know to survive.

3. Fav dress = No pants

roaming without pants

This is the ultimate realization of freedom when you are living alone. The pants go down as soon as you enter the house! #Liberated. [Don’t forget to google the hastag]

4. Maggi is Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

eating noodles

Maggi is bae, we have nothing more to say!

5. You talk to yourself. A lot!

talking to yourself

We’re not saying “you need a shrink” level of crazy, but when you live alone, the frustration makes you do that sometimes. It’s completely normal.

6. Dirty dishes are what your nightmares are about

breaking dishes unhappily

If you can go without a shower for days and the clothes can go without washing for days, ye bartan kis khet ki mooli hai? In the final stages (before you actually clear the mess), the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes that stare right into your eyes and angrily demanding; “kab nehalayega hame kaminey!”

7. Bathroom door becomes unnecessary

taking a shower and singing

This privilege can be enjoyed exclusively when you are living alone. When you can roam around half naked in the house, you definitely can shower with open bathroom doors. Remember, it’s YOUR kingdom jahaan raja bhi tum ho aur praja bhi. #LiberatedAgain!

8. Time on phone increases by 10x

looking at the phone and smiling

Be it scrolling down your Facebook news feed or calling a random friend just to hear how a human sounds at 3 in the morning. When you live alone, your phone keeps you company. And so much that you don’t realise when you run out of balance.

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