Choose The Best Network For Your Phone With Billbachao

Looking for network bars wherever you go, can be quite awkward. Download the BillBachao mobile app ( and choose the best network for your location.

Every social gathering nowadays has people looking down at their phones, and occasionally sharing a joke (from their phone messages, mostly) with one another. The awkwardness doubles, when someone starts hunting for a network signal.

Watch this video:

Using ‘My Best Network’ on the new BillBachao mobile app (, you can now easily check the connectivity of various operators in your area and choose the best one.

Here’s what BillBachao helps you to check on ‘My Best Network’:

  • Signal strength
  • Data/ Internet speed
  • Customer reviews/ ratings

If you find out that your current operator is not the most desirable in this field, you can switch operators using MNP in the ‘Self Help’ section of the BillBachao app.

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