Advantages of using Android Phones

What Are The Advantages Of Using Android Phones Over Other Phones?

Android is a relatively new operating system in the mobile market, but it has already developed a reputation, better than most other brands. Here are some areas where Android phones drive all other phones into the background:

1. Variety: An Android phone can be bought at the lowest prices, as well as at the highest. While one variety of Android phones is the cheapest phone available in the Indian markets, another variety costs high enough to be compared with the Apple iPhones. This makes Android features accessible even to the lower earning group of the country, unlike Apple which is kind of a status symbol among the upper-crust of society.

2. “Open”: An Android phone is highly customisable, as compared to most other phones in the market. The Google apps powered by Android are open for all developers to make and sell. The Android Playstore has much less restrictions as compared to App Store or iTunes, which makes it much more user-friendly, and enables the user to customise his Android phone, the way he wants.

3. Free: Since Android is open, most of the apps and games on the Google Playstore are also free, as opposed to iTunes. Therefore, the primary cost of purchasing an Android phone is the cost of the phone itself.

4. Powered by Google: For any lay man, with minimal technical knowledge, Google happens to be one of the most trusted brands. Therefore, the fact that Google is the brand behind the development of the software on Android phones is enough to sway our interest towards this phone.

5. Cross platform support: Android is one of those rare operating systems which are supported in all kinds of devices, may it be your mobile phone, your PC, your tablets or even your wearables. Due to this feature, it is much easier for customers having multiple such Android-enabled devices to communicate or send data from one device to another.

6. Access to various apps: There are many apps which are essential for a person to save his time, and even money nowadays. Android provides apps which the customers can use for various services like free recharge for mobile or downloading the free mobile recharge software.

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