You’d be eating up to 1GB internet data on your phone by 2020

Did You Know That You’d Be Eating Up To 1 GB Of Internet Data EVERY DAY By 2020?

Everyone knows that we Indians are smart when it comes to spending less! But, on an average, an Indian still spends 753 MB of mobile data every month. Let’s figure out where that goes.

This data is spent on the following:
Video Streaming: (38% to 42%)
Social Media: (18% to 22%)
Communication: (1% to 22%)
Other services: 20% to 24%

We live in a time where if you don’t own a mobile, you are looked at as if you are an alien. In 2015 alone, mobile traffic increased by 50%, and 3G data consumption by a whopping 85%.

Phew! These big figures are not going to lead somewhere small… It is estimated that by the year 2020, an average mobile user in India will consume up to 1 GB of mobile data every damned day! Other than the browsing of videos, songs, pictures and e-mails, this 1 GB will be consumed mainly in Cloud Computing, Video Calling, Social Gaming and Internet of Things.

Oh God, so much to do, so much to see and so much to listen to!

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